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Dewmate is one of the best educational portal in India with information on over 30,000 institutes, 5000 courses, 300 exams and a database of 10,00,000 queries, Dewmate is well­ recognized among the education aspirant community who use the portal for information, preparatory material and guidance for studying in India and abroad.

Our aim is to provide space for people to explore education, learning, and social action. We know how many how many people use our pages, where they come from and how long they spend with us. Today, thousands of students use dewmate’s study resources and information to excel in academics and make informed choices about their careers.

The goal of Dewmate is to ensure that education provided by the institution of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality. Dewmate is a network of hundreds of
network of advising centers in India where millions of students find accurate, comprehensive and current information about the colleges and universities.

We are coming out with one section called College Review. We know its very difficult to know the inside story of any institution without getting in it. In this section, we are calling current and pass out students of that college to review their college. It will give exact ins and outs of that institution which will help you in selecting the right institution for your future.


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